From Sexual Leaps to Journalistic Liberties

Journalist Zhang Lijia's article for the English language, UK-based, Sunday paper The Observer called: China's Sexual Great Leap Forward was picked up a couple of days later by Xinhua and posted on their site in Chinese with no byline.

The article caused quite a stir this week and quickly started an online debate on Sohu. One comment read: "There are a lot of sluts in the UK too so maybe the newspaper should talk about that before it comments on the situations in China."

Ironically, seeing as the author, Zhang, is both a Chinese woman and a Beijing resident, Xinhua could have saved everyone a lot of trouble by simply asking her to translate the article in the first place.

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Ladies, Start Your Webcams

As most people know by now, Youtube is back online in China. Yay! To celebrate we're posting a video to heat things up a little as you go into this chilly Beijing weekend.

This video often appears in the "Related Videos" tab next to Sexy Beijing videos on Youtube. It seems to be one of the most watched videos in the popular Youtube sub-genre of Webcam Dances by Hot Chinese Girls. This girl dances a lot better than most of the rest.

This video seems to have been ripped from Youku, and then re-uploaded by a Youtube user in Canada. If you can find the original Youku video, please leave a comment with the link.

Even better, if you know this girl, or are this girl, holler at us. Sufei is looking for backup dancers for a little project we've got cooking, so if you are interested in auditioning, drop us a line at info -at- .

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Let Them Eat Bread

We might not be able to access Wikipedia in China (or Youtube or Blogger or...) but at least we can wake up in the morning and get a piping hot loaf of "Wekipedia" bread.

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