Beijing's Architectural Behemoths

This week this documentary blew my mind. It is Discovery Channel's version of Big Buildings of Beijing titled "Beijing's Urban Makeover". It is a 40-minute-long episode of the Discovery series "Man Made Marvels". It has Chinese subtitles and is cut into 5 parts on Youtube. It tracks the design and construction process of the major big buildings getting built - the bird's nest, the egg, the water cube, the CCTV and the TVCC (Television Culture Center) and a building that didn't get built - the Wukesong Basketball Arena with the world's biggest TV wall.

"China is a place the architects go and get their fantasies paid for", says one architect. Beijing is going all out for the the 2008 Olympics, which "is not just a game anymore". In this video you will see interviews with the design and construction teams, the Chinese architecture critics and construction process vividly explained with amazing animation. It is truy mind-blowing, or mind-bending like the CCTV tower, to know that how much it takes to actually pull off these projects. The Chinese are, indeed, a very determined nation, if not anything else.

"Any massive project in China seems to go through a similar pattern: Grandeur to begin, a bit of reality sets in as the budget numbers roll past, a shift in public opinion again, construction and then wild praise", says American China Hand Mike Meyer. Let's see how loud the praise will be in 2008 when Beijing turns the wet dreams of architects into dazzling realities. Time will tell and we don't even need that much of it anymore because 2008 is just around the corner.

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